Tribal Triangles

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Tribal Earrings

  • Handmade Tribal triangle drop dangle earrings
  • 5 silver/black beads sewn at bottom
  • Main shape is triangle (Size varies due to handmade nature)
  • Large round silver bead at top
  • Light Weight
  • Sterling silver ear wire
  • Approx 3 inches Long

Now this style speaks to you if it's for you. You just know when you first see it! These tribal triangle dangle earrings are just what you've been looking for! A unique pair of creative earrings that joins cotton and metal together in a stunning way. The textured tunnel beads at the bottom are individually sewn onto the triangle and create a one of a kind look. Yes, since they are sewn on, there isn't going to be two pairs that exactly look identical! Plus the main piece , the triangle, is also handmade! The large metal sphere at the top is thick to hold it's shape but not heavy, so this pair won't tug on your ear lobes. These triangle earrings make a great gift!

Color: Light Blue