Triple Tassel Earrings


Triangle Dangle Earrings

  • Large triangle in the middle
  • 3 clear square beads at bottom and 1 at the top
  • 3 handmade tassels on each triangle
  • Sterling Silver Ear Wire
  • Approx 4 inches in length and 2 inches in width
  • Light weight statement triangle Earrings

Sexy, Stunning, and fully of fun! This pair of creative earrings will surely catch the attention of those around! Full of life with 3 handmade tassels that dangle freely with each step you take! The crystal beads connected to the triangle add sparkle and shine to this stunning pair of triangle earrings. Even though these earrings measure to about 4 inches in length, they are not heavy at all! Since cotton has been used to create these handmade earrings, they will not tug nor pull on your ear! Plus the ear wire has been crafted with fine sterling silver! So grab your earrings and head out the door with confidence!

Color: Red