Two Tone Scarf


  • Ripple design pattern
  • Twisted tassels on the ends
  • Machine washable
  • Dryer safe (Recommended to air dry)
  • Width: Approx 5 1/2 inches
  • Length: Approx 60 inches
  • Choose between free tassels, twisted tassels or no tassels
  • Soft Acrylic Yarn

Warm Crochet Scarf

A must accessory for those chilly days! This two tone scarf is long enough to wrap around yourself at least twice. The soft acrylic yarn is machine washable, so wear it and if it gets dirty don't sweat it! Also there is a caramel scarf blend so look through the pictures and check it out! Discover something knotty for yourself or for a friend!

Color: Brown
Tassels: Twisted Tassels